If you donate $10,000: A plaque will be installed for the investors who contribute major funds ( $10,000 or more) for buildings and services. This will be permanently displayed in the courtyard of the welcome center where all who visit will see it forever.
      If you give $5,000: A second plaque will be installed in the conference building with a list of all who gave more than $5,000 to its construction.
      If you donate anything: A leather bound book will be on view for all visitors containing the names of all contributors along with their requests for healing themselves, their families, their country, the world.
      For any donation amount: every contributor of any amount will receive the Life Healing Community Newsletter which also will contain coupons and discounts to events here. The newsletter contains the activities happening at LHC, upcoming speakers, as well as articles written by healers on joy, nutrition, spirit mind and body healing. The newsletter is sent by email and is free to contributors.
      Discounts: contributors will receive discounts to events and visits to LHC which vary according to the amount donated. For large contributions over $10,000 a VIP weekend all expenses paid including the use of all facilities all meals and attendance to all seminars workshops and private healing sessions is our gift to such contributors.
      If you donate a tipi:
      Donate a cabin: For those willing to donate $5,000 for a cabin we will put a plaque on that cabin with their family name and the date of their contribution. This contributor and family can schedule to stay in this cabin free of charge for one week each year for three years as well as receive discounts for activities and workshops.
      Donate towards the cookhouse: For those who contribute to the building of the ranch house cooking and food service facility, for a contribution of $1,000 or more their name will be on a permanent plaque in that building for contributions during the first two years of service and their meals will be provided for free during their stay at any time they visit during the following two years.
      Donate for a meditation hut: providing $3,000 to build a meditation hut, a small sacred hut type building meant for private meditation for one individual, located throughout the land, Their family name will be permanently inscribed into that meditation hut for all time.
      Healing Prayers: and prayers of thanksgiving and love will be offered by the community each week for all contributors. A permanent list of contributors of any amount will be created in a beautiful bound book so that healers who visit from around the world may stop and take time to use this book to offer their good intentions for you, your family, for your healing and joy and abundance.
      FREE: Send your healing request: If you would like to send a healing request, that healing request will be shared with the healers in community and your healing will be assisted by the entire group of healers present. Your request will be hung in the chapel and if you receive your healing and want to send along your crutch or cane or a picture or photo of the loved one who received their healing through Creator's own power on this holy land, we would be honored to have it as a sign to all the world.
      A word from Elder Maggie:

"I think the most precious thing that Life Healing Community has to offer the contributor is healing. Healing covers everything from physical health to happiness to financial abundance. It is well known that Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." And it has been proven through the ages that a group, a community of healers create a healing force with incredible united power.

The group energy at Life Healing Community is the combined energy of all the healers who contribute their time and effort to this community, as well as those who visit here, and also the land itself has a healing energy of its own. This healing energy for mind, body and spirit is what Life Healing Community can share with you, whether you come here and spend a few days or a week's retreat with us, or even if you never get to come here physically, as we remember and offer this group healing energy to all people who help support us in this mission given by Creator.

I have seen such miracles here, such miracles in the nature of this sacred land's own energy. I wish to share this healing force with all people. It is healing energy and so not limited by time or distance. It is offered to you through intentions. Intent is a most powerful force. Prayer is a form of intention. Healing is an intentional act. Even if you cannot visit us, please send your healing requests to us by email or post mail and we will intend healing for you. If you can send a contribution, your healing request will be attended to by all the healers combined in this group energy during our daily "healing the world and it's people" meditation. If you can visit us, please attend our daily group healing meditation and join with us in our work of healing.

We have intentions and healing being actively offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you, for your families, for all people and for Mother Earth. Come join us in this constant vigil, this group healing energy. This constant vigil for healing began in March 2006 and will continue for the next ten years without one moment of interruption. This is also the kind of dedication you will find from the healers who live or visit and work at Life Healing Community. This place is about the whole world, not just personal needs. The dedication it takes to make this kind of commitment to offering healing to the world constantly for ten full years shows what kind of generous, good people you will meet here when you come to visit.

I am proud to be a small part of this Life Healing Community and I know that you can be proud to be a part as well, through your contribution to its growth and existence on this planet. The opportunity to finally build a place of Light and Love and Healing is now in your hands."

(I speak my truth)
Elder Maggie
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     Please help us create a thing of beauty to honor this sacred site. All donors will be permanently honored on a plaque at this sacred site.

Funds are gladly accepted through the Donations Page or a check/money order/cashier check to:

Life Healing Community
PO Box 517
Winona MO 65588.
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