Visitor Information

      Life Healing Community will provide you with camping facilities for your vacation with us and wholesome meals are included. Bring your camping gear and tent or use one of ours.

     We are working on building 10 fully equipped cabins with housing for 6-10 people each. We need your donation to provide this kind of year round comfort for your stay.

      Many group activities such as nightly campfires, drumming, sing-alongs, storytelling, dances and totem animal lore are available to all, free of charge.

      Pets: If you want to bring your pet please inquire with the staff to see if it is possible during your stay. Facilities are very limited and potentially dangerous for pets. Use the visitor form for more information.

What to expect upon your arrival

      Upon your arrival a welcome specialist will help you choose your own schedule of activities from the many choices available at the time of your visit. Reservations are recommended.

Local Activities

      Nearby we have a nationally acclaimed summer outdoor vacation spot in the US where you & your family can enjoy tubing, rafting canoeing and kayaking on the Jacks Fork River in Eminence Missouri. Plan to spend a day enjoying this beautiful experience!


      We are committed to making this affordable for all and only charge what has to be charged to keep Life Healing Community operating at the lowest budget possible and to provide a stipend for those healers who come to offer their services. No one is here to get rich. We are here to share what Creator has gifted us with, what Mother Earth has provided for us and to make a place to gather in a community together in healing and love. Without you there is no community. It is about the people. Life Healing Community operates totally on donations.
Just fill out the visitor form here below and receive more information and also schedule your visit to Life Healing Community. You really don't need more than two hours to experience all the healing you are ready and willing to receive. It is instantaneous if you are really ready to change. Just come walk the trail with one of the volunteers on site. That is it! Or walk it alone! Simple. Beautiful. Miraculous!
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     Please take the time now to send a donation. Any amount will help and your name will be forever inscribed on a plaque at LHC as a founding donor. You may never get the opportunity to breathe life into an ancient sacred site.

Funds are gladly accepted through the Donations Page or a check/money order/cashier check to:

Life Healing Community
PO Box 517
Winona MO 65588.

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