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A Sacred, Holy Place of Spirit imbued since ancient time with the Miraculous Power of Creator to heal all dis-ease of body and mind, even instantly.

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains surrounded by virgin forests lies a sacred place known to ancient Native tribes and healers as an energetic vortex of healing. This holy place was honored and many healings of all kinds were given to peoples throughout the ages here. But as time went on and the ancient peoples moved away from this place it was forgotten, until now.

Once again Creator has seen fit to let this holy sacred land be brought back into the world publicly for the healing, restoration and joy of each man, woman and child around the world.

Every single person who has come here seeking healing in any way has received it directly from the Power of this sacred place. Miracles of cured cancers and tumors and heart disease and arthritis and emotional disorders and incurable diseases are occurring here now, in our day.

You are welcome to come and visit this sacred land. It belongs to you. Come with the desire to receive whatever healing you are seeking and it will be given to you.

On site lives the custodian of this sacred land, Elder Maggie Wahls, who will greet you and ensure your visit is wonderful in every way. You can contact her or arrange your visit by filling out the visitor form or sending an email to info@lifehealingcommunity.com.

A continuous celebration and events are taking place here including drum circles, council fires, stories, songs, workshops, lectures and round table discussions. You are welcome to participate!

Spend time alone or bring family or friends with you to experience the incredible healing energies here.We welcome you to come and visit this community, which is presently in operation!

      Life Healing Community hosts spiritual retreats, workshops and courses regarding alternative healing methods. We welcome the world's great spiritual teachers and healers from all traditions to offer their own programs in these four main areas: world peace, stewardship and Mother Earth, preserving indigenous teachings and practices, and serving the world community.

We see people coming to this holy ground from all over the world to receive the healing they are seeking, not from any man or woman but directly from the miraculous power of Creator imbued into this holy land long ago. The Native Americans recognized this sacred healing ground. Everyone who has come here and stood on this ground has received the healing they were seeking. Every single one!
Come and receive the healing you are seeking.

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Guest cabin.

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Workers at Helping Hands Weekend in May

Certificate of Prayer Request Form
Life Healing Community

For a small good will donation (suggested $10 USD)
You can have your name or the name of a loved one
Permanently inscribed on the altar in the chapel of Life Healing Community
Where daily prayers for your intentions will be
Remembered to Creator every day from this day forward.
A beautiful Certificate of Prayer will be sent to the person you request prayers for.

We would also request that you let us know when a healing has been received
From these daily prayers so that we can offer a prayer of Thanksgiving
For that healing at Life Healing Community for you or for your loved one.

Your Name _____________________________
Your Address_____________________________

Name(s) to be inscribed on the Altar at Life Healing Community:

Address to send the Certificate of Prayer to:

Healing Intention:________________________

Just copy and paste this form into a Word document or Notepad
Fill out the blanks
and Mail this with your donation to:

Life Healing Community
PO Box 517
Winona, MO, 65588 USA

Click on the paypal donation button on this page and make your donation
and include this information in your payment instructions.

What a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one
to have eternal prayers offered on this sacred land
for your loved one or friend or even yourself!
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Certificate that is sent to your intendee.
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