green leafed tree surrounded by fog during daytime
green leafed tree surrounded by fog during daytime

Life Healing Community

A Sacred Site

…and He showed me a river of life.

In the midst of it flowing down the Main Street of the city there was a tree

Of life which bore twelve manner of fruit and yielding a fresh crop each month.

And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of nations.


Life Healing Community

A Sacred Holy Place of Spirit imbued since ancient times with the Power of Creator to heal all dis-ease of body mind and spirit.
Nestled in the Ozark Mountains surrounded by virgin forests lies a sacred place known to ancient peoples and healers as an energetic vortex of healing. This holy place was honored and many miracles of all kinds were given to peoples throughout the ages here. But as time went on and the ancient peoples moved away from this place it was forgotten, until now.

Once again Creator has seen fit to let this holy sacred land be brought back into the world publicly for the healing, restoration and joy of each man, woman and child around the world.
Every single person who has come here seeking healing in any way has received it directly from the Power of this sacred place. Miracles of cured cancers and tumors and heart disease and arthritis and emotional disorders and incurable diseases are occurring here now, in our day.

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