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What it means to be a member here...

Life Healing Community as a group is dedicated to opening up this sacred ground that has been forgotten for centuries to allow all people to come here and feel its healing power. Whatever we can do to make this intention of Creator manifest is what we do here as a group. Join our community by filling out the form below - it's FREE!

We have constructed a geodesic conference center to be used to make people feel cool and dry and welcome when they visit here. It can hold 50 chairs so it can provide workshops, seminars, lectures and other activities that will attract people to come and visit this holy ground.

We have spent a lot of time working together to make this a place that people want to visit. It is not as easy as that seems! We have found that people need to SEE something, something to take a photo of and share with others. Something to SEE before they will actually visit. We have to show people something they want to come and see in person. And then when they are here seeing that dome or that sculpture or that fountain, they are receiving the holy healing power imbued on this land directly. So we are not about becoming a campground or a restaurant or a night club. There are plenty of places nearby to get a meal or stay overnight. But we need to have things here for people to SEE and take photos of, to get their feet on this sacred ground.

At the moment we are working to get the word out into the world that this place of miracles exists. You can help us by spreading the word to your people. Invite them to visit this site. We can send you business cards to help you do this.

We can also send you a flyer by email that you can hang up in your area. We need all the help we can get to let people know that this holy ground exists. Even just reading about this holy place brings healing energies.

People today do not believe in energy. Or healing power. They cannot SEE it so they have no use for it at all. But when they step on this sacred ground- they do FEEL it, often for the first time in their lives! And they are changed by it, healed by it directly from the power of this land, not by me or any person or any religion or any philosophy. It is amazing to see! And it happens for everybody who wants it!

This is why Creator made this land sacred- to heal the world. And this is our mission as a group to make this sacred ground accessible and known by all the world. To provide those facilities people would need to visit here and to let people know of its existence. Creator will take it from there!

So welcome to this group! You can become a member for free right here on this site! And the blessings you will receive in your own life will be tenfold more than the prayers and good intentions and service you bring to this group. Everything here is FREE!

Take ten minutes to have this miraculous experience of actually visiting this sacred land. Energy has no limits of time or space and so with this guided meditation you are able to set your feet on this sacred land and have a healing yourself just as if you were here in person. Try it! Namaste!

Below is a free guided meditation video you can watch and connect with the miracle healing energy of Life Healing Community now.